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Includes all processing and packaging fees. This meat is ready to cook or freeze!


8 lbs Bacon (Fresh, Cured, Peppered)

1x Spare Ribs (or St. Louis style)

1x Baby Back Ribs

1x Pork Butt

2x Picnic Roast (~2 lbs per)

1x Whole Ham (Fresh, Cured, Smoked, Sliced)

1x Pork Tenderloin

5 lbs Pork Chops

20 lbs Sausage products

  • Pan Sausage (~1 lb tube)

  • Links (Fresh, Smoked, Cheese, Jalapeno)

  • Summer Sausage (Plain, Cheese, Jalapeno)

  • Minimum 10 lbs

Half Pig

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