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Get to Know Our IPP Pigs


PORKY (TGFF Max J1919)

ETFF Max I0452 & RHF2 Fate I0924

Born: 5/17/22

Bred By: The Groves Family Farm

Color: Tri-colored

Porky is the King of the pigs here at the ranch.  He has an excellent disposition and is a very stocky red boar with black spots.  He loves all the girls and knows what he is supposed to do with them.  He weighs ~375 pounds with big shoulders, long body and deep hams.



ETFF Sam I1584 & TGFF Candy I0147

Born: 4/10/22

Bred By: The Groves Family Farm

Color: Tri-colored

Sapphire is the matriarch of our herd.  She is one of the smartest pigs we have with a friendly disposition and a sweet smile.  She is stocky like our boar Porky and almost as big. She is probably somewhere between 320 and 350 pounds. She is solid black with a few white patches,  Long body, big shoulders and deep hams.

BORIS (CH Snickers H1513)

Snickers C0491 & SAV Pepper E0820

Born: 9/7/20

Bred By: Cedarview Hollow

Color: Tri-colored

Boris is our largest boar and resident teddy bear. He comes from the Snickers bloodline and is the closest pig we have to the original foundation IPP breeders.

RUBY (TGFF Pepper J3215)

ETFF Sam I1584 & DOR Pepper I0320

Born: 8/1/22

Bred By: The Groves Family Farm

Color: Tri-colored

Ruby is the youngest of the herd but has perfect confirmation. She is tri-colored and weighs ~210 pounds. She has the prettiest smile of all our pigs and loves a good belly rub. We expect her to have some beautiful piglets.

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