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This meat is ready to cook or freeze! Your cost is $3.75 per pound (hanging weight), plus the butcher's processing fees, which typically run $2.50 to $3.00 per pound.


Once you have pre-ordered your pig, you will need to create an account with us and download the cut sheet. It will walk you through your options, then you will save and upload to us to provide to the butcher.


Pigs "primals" are two Belly, two Loin, two Shoulder and two Leg sections. The Belly yields your Bacon (Fresh, Cured, Peppered) and Spare Ribs. The Shoulder yields your Pork Butt, Picnic Roast and Hocks. The Loin yields Baby Back Ribs, Tenderloins and Pork Chops. The Leg yields your Ham and Hocks. All trimmings will be used to produce your sausage products like Pan Sausage, Links (Fresh, Smoked, Cheese, Jalapeno) and Summer Sausage (Plain, Cheese, Jalapeno).

Pork Pack L (Deposit)

Currently have availability for Oct, Dec & Mar 2025
  • - This deposit is non-refundable.

    - You will be invoiced the balance when your pig is taken to the butcher and weighed. The butcher will not release your meat until this balance is paid.

    - At pickup, make sure you have enough cooler space and ice to transport your meat.

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